Umm…Reincarnated I guess??? Chapter 3

I’ve woken up again, and this time I’m 4 years old.

It’s a little uncomfortable that I keep having something like time skips. I vaguely remember what has happened between the gaps (bits and pieces anyway), but that doesn’t help with my current situation.

Usually, if a person is reborn into a new world, they are able to start studying from the get go.

That is to say, most people would be able to use magic by now. Yet here I am with no magic…


Umm…Reincarnated I guess??? Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I’m having trouble remembering how I died.

It’s come to the point that I’m not even sure if I died.

There is no memory of pain, so maybe I had a quick and painless death. It could have happened in my sleep too.

Considering the fact that I’ve had time to look around, I am 95% positive that I was reborn into a new world. The other 5% is that this is a very long dream or I’m stuck in some sort of experiment for virtual reality and am reliving my childhood in a new environment. Wonder if I’ll have two childhood friends and be tasked with chopping down a giant tree.



Umm…Reincarnated I guess??? Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It’s dark, and feels like I was put inside a soundproof room several floors underground.

I’m kind of scared.

Well, scared is secondary as confusion has overtaken me completely.

What was the last thing I did? I wonder.

I was at a park, or maybe it was a lake? The lake had a park I think. And there was a bridge too.

But, how did I end up here?

Could this be a hospital? I do remember getting hit pretty hard by a guy in a motorcycle.

I also fell down that bridge into the lake after the hit.

That must mean that I’m at the hospital right now, that would explain why I can hardly move my body.

Oh well, let’s go to sleep for now.



Truly a short story

Here’s a little story for you.

It’s a story about what would seem like a normal and very average guy.

Though it’s true that many people have diverging views on what normal is, he would match most of these definitions.

Putting aside the definitions of normal and average, he didn’t have anything particularly different from other people.

He grew up in a home with a family who was a part of the working class. They had their ups and downs, but overall they didn’t have problems that were over the top nor couldn’t be resolved. They weren’t a perfect happy family either, the argued just like any other family. At the end of the day, they were normal people who came across normal problems.

Having made a huge fuss about how normal they were and how normal he was, something changed at some point. Now, for some reason or another, he seemed a little less normal to himself.

He kept his façade of being normal on the outside, but something changed in the inside.


In The Process of Death: short story

The boy was walking down the usual street that he always takes to school. Walking a good distance of about a mile.

He didn’t walk from home to school though, the distance was simply too much and it would take him over a day to reach the campus on foot.

That’s why he owned a car.

He drove an average of 30mins to school every morning.

The campus was large though, this is why he had to walk even though he had a car. Plus, the parking garage he used was far. It was the only one open at the time when he purchased a parking permit.

And so, every morning his day started the same way. Wake up, get ready, eat, drive through traffic, park, and walk.

He was in the walking part of his everyday routine.


Dreams That Come True: prologue

The story starts like this.

An ordinary college student is attending class like he ordinarily does.

The job of a student is to study, so attending class is a given.

He’s listening to the lecture and taking notes when something starts taking a strange turn.

But the problem doesn’t really show itself to anybody accept for the one that noticed it.

What’s happening isn’t really something that is messing with the lives of anybody present nor will it bring danger or harm to the person who noticed it.

It’s simple really.